Introducing Ken Baisch!

This January Erickson Law Firm was pleased to add Mr. Ken Baisch as an associate attorney to our team. Mr. Baisch’s background includes earning his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan School Of Law and his Bachelors from University of Michigan. Mr. Baisch has experience in California and federal courts, courts of appeals, state and federal administrative agencies, as well as before private arbitrators and mediators.  He has significant knowledge regarding compliance with state and federal laws, including the Education Code, Government Code, F.E.H.A., the Equal Employment Opportunities Act, C.F.R.A., F.M.L.A., A.D.A, and A.D.E.A. In the past he has advised clients on employer-employee relations, employee discipline and termination, employee complaints, including retaliation and discrimination complaints, reasonable accommodation requests, and compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act and the Public Records Act. Mr. Baisch is a great fit for our growing company and we are confident he will be an invaluable contributor in serving our clients.

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